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Spring for the Vu!

Ah, Spring! A season for rebirth, the emergence of the fresh and new from the old and lifeless. The world is invigorated by the brighter hues of life. The sky is bluer, people are happier, and opportunities of all kinds appear.
For all these reasons, Springtime is Vu Time. Like a fresh bud emerging from a thin, withered tree, the Vu offers the promise of bold new growth in contrast to the tired old tie. With vibrant colors bursting forth from shirt collars, our Spring Vu designs breathe originality and beauty in keeping with the season. The gentle, calming breezes of Spring reflect the compassionate decompression the Vu fondly delivers to the necks of men.

Witness the joy the Vu provides to the lively Vu-stylers in these pics. Wouldn’t you like to ride the Spring tide too? Live, love, and blossom in a Vu! #doyouVU

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