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The Story of the Vu

       We (that’s us, Boadie and Kat) created the Vu for the men of the world who are looking for a unique look and who wish to free themselves from the misery of the necktie and its evil fraternal twin, the top shirt button. As a physician, Boadie needs a professional look that is also comfortable in order to maximally focus on his work.  It’s hard to keep your mind on task when your airway is being compressed by some Victorian torture device yoking and choking your neck. Late one afternoon in 2015, after yet another constricted day, Boadie had a vision. A vision of an original, groovy garment that would be comfortable all day, every day, and become a stylish, desirable form of workplace and social attire. It would sit around the neck like a tie, but neatly cover the top shirt button (which would remain unbuttoned), thereby relieving all neck constriction, yet still providing a very neat and attractive appearance.

     Boadie sketched his vision and showed it to Kat. We talked a long time about the daily suffering Boadie experienced from his neck noose. Kat was interested, amused, and skeptical. She agreed to talk to other men about their necktie experiences. She did, and heard many similar tales of woe.  Several even told her they had chosen their career fields specifically because those jobs did not require wearing ties.  Boom! Kat now understood, at a deep level, the anguish the necktie causes for men.

     And so we went to work on our mission.  A mission not from God, but a mission of mercy nonetheless. A mission to offer men a stylish alternative to the century-long domination of men’s fashion by the strangling, dangling necktie. Kat applied her copious talents in fabric and fashion, and eventually created the styles for sale on our website today. Her genius brought the magic of reversibility to our vision of comfort and style, thereby doubling the value of a Vu to the wearer. And so was born our idea of the future of neckwear for men, The Vu: Stylish, Comfortable, Reversible.