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1. Why is it called the Vu?
Soooo many reasons! It sounds French, but you don't have to "parlez vous" to rock a Vu. Wearing a Vu might give people around you a sense of "jamais vu," the experience of recognizing a thing but sensing it to be unfamiliar, novel, and intriguing.  
2. How is the Vu different from a tie? 
Ties tie. They cinch your neck and dangle over your belly. The Vu neither cinches nor dangles. The Vu is the prescription for constriction!  
3. How is the Vu different from an ascot?
An ascot is a billowy form of neckwear that is tucked into a sweater or vest to hold in place. Ascots are fussy things, requiring tending through the day to maintain a neat look. The Vu never needs tending. It stays in place until you decide to take it off, though you might forget to do that because you won’t feel like you’re wearing it, due to the comfort.
4. What’s the difference between the Classic Vu and the Curvé Vu?
The Classic Vu was our original design. It has a sharper V that descends lower on the shirt, coming to a point somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd buttons on a dress shirt. Many people liked this look but others commented that they would rather have a higher look with less material. This led us to develop the Curvé Vu (pronounced "Kur-vay"). With the Curvé Vu, the V is less pronounced and the point comes no lower than the second button on a dress shirt. It is also curvier on the top edge, providing complete coverage of the top shirt button.

5. How do I choose which Vu to buy?
You’re not limited to just one! If you have shirts with a busy pattern , you’ll probably do better choosing a Vu with a side that has a solid color.

6. How is the Vu reversible?
The Vu is constructed through magical sewing and careful selection of complementary fabrics. All you do to reverse the view is unhook the clasp, turn the Vu over, and reattach the clasp.

7. What’s the big deal about being reversible?
The reversibility of the Vu gives versatility to your wardrobe. With two wearable sides, a single Vu can be coordinated with multiple shirts, making it more cost-effective than a necktie.
Also, if you were to somehow spill food or drink on your Vu, you can simply reverse it. However, because the Vu sits high on your shirt, it is nearly impossible to spill anything on it, unlike those dangling ties that seem to be spill magnets.
8. Can I wear a Vu with a blazer or vest?
AbsoVUtely! Some people consider the Vu to be look better with formal wear than a standard necktie. Check out our pics if you don’t believe us. The V-shape of the Classic Vu in particular integrates beautifully with the V-cut of a vest, V-necked sweater, or blazer.
9. If I have a very big neck, will the Vu fit me?
The Vu is fitted with a sliding bow-tie-like ribbon and clasp. This aspect allows the Vu to fit men with neck sizes of 14 – 20 inches. A 20-inch neck equates to a 1X size and few men have neck sizes outside this range. When you get the Vu, you will slide the buckle until it sits just the way you want to on your neckline. Thereafter, all you have to do is hook the clasp – the sizing is preserved by the buckle and clasp design.

10. Is the Vu stylish?
Look at our pics and just try to convince yourself that those guys don't look great! Though people’s taste in clothing styles vary, the Vu pulls on historical aspects of neckwear that have been fashionable for centuries. A colorful flourish at the neck has been a mark of men’s fashion since the court of Louis XIV in France. We think Louis XIV would be totally into the Vu. #doyouVU